Satoshi Street Bets

Pepes together strong


The official meme coin of the legendary meme coin community! This is a rally cry to all diamond-handed holders, a call to arms that echoes the legendary GameStop short squeeze. $SSB isn't just about the dream of YOLO-ing into a 100x gem and buying a Lambo. It's about rewriting the rules and sticking it to the banks, meme after meme, gain after gain.

Phase 1: Launch 🚀

Welcome aboard you glorious diamond-handed hodlers! We're strapping ourselves into a freaking rocket ship that's geared up and ready to blast off into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, to a place they call Tendie Town.

  • Launch
  • CoinGecko & Coinmarketcap Listings
  • 1,000+ Holders
  • Marketing campaigns (social media, influencers, paid, etc.)
  • beta

Phase 2: Moon Mission 🌕

Got those diamond hands? Fantastic. Now's the time to buckle up, to set your gaze on that limitless sky and ready yourselves for a journey that'll be etched in the annals of financial history. We're all in this together. Pepes. Together. Strong.

  • CEX Listing/s
  • Marketing (social media, influencers, paid, etc.)
  • feature development (secret utility)
  • opened up to general public
  • SSB Reward Programme (SSB leaderboard)
  • SSB Merch and Swag
  • SSB staking

Phase 3: Diamond Hands 💎🤲

Alright, you brave astro-hodlers, Phase 3 is where we reveal the thrusters of this mighty beast we're all aboard. It's called Community Power. Here we're empowering the community to dream up, propose, and vote on new features and utilities for our SSB Coin with the introduction of the SSB DAO.

  • SSB NFTs
  • more features and innovation
  • as a central crypto hub for AMAs, news, and more
  • Thousands of Holders
  • Together. Unstoppable.

The dream is no more "Back to work diamond hands"

But remember, our roadmap is written in rocket fuel and the blood, sweat, and tears of the diamond-handed. That means it's as volatile as a short squeeze and as unpredictable as the market itself. In this wild roller-coaster ride to the Moon and back, even the best laid plans can get turned upside down. So what do we do? We adapt, we change, we overcome. So whilst the above is our plan remember that everything is always subject to change and that a meme token can end up being a valueless investment.


Ethereum network

TOTAL SUPPLY420,690,000,000,000
SSB LEGAL5% supply
STAKING5% supply
REMAINING TOKENS70% supply Public, presale, team, promotional partners, influencers, starting liquidity

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Is Satoshi Street Bets trademarked?

      Yes. We have completed, registered trademark in all of the EU. We have a completed, registered trademark in the UK. We are in the processe of completing our trademark in the US and other territories. As some may be aware, there was a fake "Satoshi Street Bets token" that we sued and forced to rebrand to a different name. A federal judge also reviewed all of the evidence from both parties and ruled in our favor for the preliminary injunction. We are the only Satoshi Street Bets.

    • Who is David Gilbert, the founder?

      David Gilbert founded and built up the Satoshi Street Bets communities. He is doxxed (see the question about the trademark) and his registered company Diamond Hands Consulting Ltd handles all of the business aspects

    • I saw a Satoshi Street Bets token, is that linked to you?

      No. See the trademark question above.

    • Why is David Gilbert so trusted?

      David ran a presale for Satoshi Swap and this meme token which raised > $3 million. The majority of the funds are still safe in the presale wallet over a year later. The liquidity for the projects have been safely managed. Prior to the presale David placed approximately $2 million from his own funds on-chain into the liquidity pool. David is a highly successful entrepreneur and investor. David has been doxxed, in the above mentioned trademark lawsuit and is still represented by the renowned law firm Debevoise & Plimpton. David has worked with countless projects and offered support to them both publicly and privately. David has a registered company Diamond Hands Consulting Ltd in the BVI for all crypto purposes. David ran the presale purposefully omitting US and other key countries to avoid any legal issues.

    • Was there a presale for this token?

      Yes, but it was highly complicated, using something that at the time was called Copper Launch, a kind of price-decreasing auction style process meaning everyone who purchsed bought in at different prices over the 48 hour period. There was no set, fixed presale price. Participants were given Derpy Toshi token which we decided to freeze now that we have won the SSB lawsuit and proceed with using SatoshiStreetBets Coin.

    • I hold Derpy Toshi, how do I get SSB Coin?

      It will be air dropped to the same wallet holding Derpy. Derpy is now permanently frozen. If you had Derpy staking, it will be sent to the wallet you staked with.